Hey, there. I'm Donna Carroll. I've been a designer my entire life.

The beginning

The first time I designed something was when I won my first coloring contest.

Pink is still my favorite color.

I designed something every day

In high school, I designed a growth culture on my cross country team as I led our underdog team to placing fourth in the Ohio state competition. In college, I designed a matador-inspired evening gown collection that won an honorable mention from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

My repertoire expanded

After 7 years working as an apparel designer for Talbot’s and Lane Bryant, I took a leap of faith and designed the thing missing from my life—the experience of belonging.

I created Ecstatic Dance, a thriving music and conscious dance movement.

And then I discovered product design

As a Product Designer, I work hard to positively impact the world through expertly designed, user-friendly technology.

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How I stay inspired

When not designing, I find inspiration through travel, hiking, surfing, riding my motorbike, cooking, and learning new things. Take a peek at my shenanigans on instagram!

Let's connect.

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